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We provide a range of targeted programmes to address the issues identified via our school monitoring and support process: Find out more about our School Performance Review process in our Virtual School.

Empowerment For Girls' Education

A young girl in a green dress points at words on a blackboard with a stick

Through improved education quality, financial literacy, life-skills training, empowerment initiatives, and tailored financial services, the project will address the economic and social challenges which are the most commonly cited barriers to girls’ education in Uganda and thereby enable 28,988 girls to complete a full cycle of education.

Promoting Transparency and Accountability in Education (PTAE)

The goal of the PTAE project is to promote transparency and accountability in education by addressing the heightened concerns among education stakeholders regarding effective governance and efficient management of education resources. The focus of the project in on tracking education resources in the project districts but with emphasis on the Ghana Partnership for Education Grant (GPEG). 

Lugungu and School Support Initiative in Buliisa – Phase 2 (LaSSIB-2)

P2 Learners in Masindi

To improve the quality of education, this project focuses on improving reading in the mother tongue in the early grades and enhancing the management and functionality of schools using Link’s innovative School Performance Review (SPR) process. Learner outcomes will be tested using the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA). This project also aims to raise awareness of the value of reading among wider school communities in Uganda, particularly supporting the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sport’s (MoES) initiative to teach in the learner’s mother-tongue.


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