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We provide a range of targeted programmes to address the issues identified via our school monitoring and support process: Find out more about our School Performance Review process in our Virtual School.

Katakwi School Improvement Project (KSIP)

Katakwi pupils

To improve the quality of education in conflict-affected Katakwi district, this project focuses on both educating parents about their rights and responsibilities and enabling parents’ access to schools to learn about current school performance and plans to improve it. It promotes effective and inclusive school planning, community engagement in education, use of school performance data to inform education planning. This project will improve the quality of education available to over 53,000 pupils in 75 schools in Katakwi. 

Tullow Oil - Link School Improvement Project (TOLSIP)

Buliisa SPAM

The project worked to improve the quality of education in Hoima and Buliisa Districts. The core of the intervention used the School Performance Review (SPR) process to inform school management and governance training and the support and training of teachers, in order to improve school functionality and performance. A lower primary literacy element was introduced into the programme in the last year.


INSPIRE means Integrated School Performance Improvement, Review and Engagement. The overall objective of INSPIRE is to develop integrated planning, multi-stakeholder accountability and the provision of effective support to bring about improvements in the performance of Malawian schools. This project is the culmination of Scottish Government and Link’s investment in monitoring school performance since 2006 and it represents a real opportunity for sustainable and scalable activity which can improve the quality of monitoring and support of schools, at the same time enabling wider community participation in education decision making. Central to the project are the rights and responsibilities of parents, informed by the school standard and school performance information and the opportunity to discuss school performance at school and district level.

Support to the Inspection and Advisory Services

Teachers discuss school performance with a Primary Education Advisor

The overall objective is to improve the provision of quality education to the children of Malawi by supporting the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to develop (1) a cadre of professionally trained, knowledgeable inspectors, able to effectively inspect schools and to monitor school improvement throughout Malawi, and (2) a cadre of professionally trained, knowledgeable advisors, able to effectively support school improvement throughout Malawi.


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