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We provide a range of targeted programmes to address the issues identified via our school monitoring and support process: Find out more about our School Performance Review process in our Virtual School.

Schools for IDP Resettlement in Katakwi (SIRK)

Katakwi School Garden

& Supporting Resettlement through Education (SRE)

The overall objective of SIRK and SRE was to contribute to the resettlement of an estimated 49,500 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) in Katakwi District in Eastern Uganda. The focus was on 3 sub-counties (Ongongoja, Ngariam and Magoro) and 27 primary schools. SIRK/SRE’s strategy assumed that access to quality education will support resettlement if:

  • Schools provide a place of care and safety that helps heal the trauma of conflict upon children and the community
  • Schools are recognised as promoting opportunity for children and prosperity of the community
  • Schools become centres of community activities promoting social cohesion

Research on Gender Policy and Girls' Education

With funding from Comic Relief, Link undertook action research on girls’ education in Malawi. We are investigated existing gender-based education policy, the structures in place to disseminate and implement such policy, what data is being collected on gender at national and district levels, how this is being used, and the gender-specific barriers which currently impact on girls’ participation and engagement in education in Dedza.

The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Project

Complementary Basic Education (CBE) is a Malawi Government programme which aims to provide educational opportunities for out-of-school children between the ages of 9 and 14. CBE is an accelerated learning programme with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, healthy living, citizenship, livelihoods and agriculture, and the environment. Link Malawi runs 120 CBE Centres in Dedza district.


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