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Hitch 2016

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Enjoy The Adventure of a Lifetime

Hitch is an annual Hitch-hike to Morocco or Croatia, that takes place every Easter. Hitch has been around for 23 wonderful years, seeing nearly 9,000 hitchers embark on incredible adventures across the continent all in the name of Link Community Development. 

Sign up for Hitch 2016 now by heading over to our dedicated registration site, or completing this regisration form and returning it to

Hitch is the safest, the biggest and the best hitch-hiking event in the UK. Each year hundreds of Hithers make their way across Europe. In 2014, over 95% of our Hitchers gave us a 'Very Positive' approval rating. We are hoping for more of the same for Hitch 2016 and will be offering more prizes and incentives than ever, as well as freezing our registration fee permanently at £15 - Which is the cheapest it has ever been!

"Amazing. Life changing. Eye-opening. My experience on Hitch is one I'll never forget."

If the idea of hitching across Europe is not exciting enough, there are plenty of fantastic reasons to explore Morocco or Croatia upon completion of your travels.

Morocco is a 1,200 mile, 4 country and 7 day trip, starting in the UK, travelling through France and  Spain, before experiencing an intoxicating blend of Arabic and African influences in the beautiful and vibrant Morocco.  


         "A trip that changes the way you see the world."

Or head to Croatia, a 900 mile, incredible 7 country and 6 day trip through France, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia, before arriving in the "Land of 1,000 Islands". Croatia hosts vibrant cities, renowned nightlife, incredible views and breath-taking scenery.

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