Link Community Development

Improving the quality of education in Africa

Our Model

Our approach:

Link works within government policy, and through existing government structures, to support the delivery of quality education in rural districts. Rather than creating islands of excellence, we use a “whole district approach”. Through innovative engagement and support to the district education authorities, we work with every school in a district in order to demonstrate that improved outcomes can be delivered by existing systems and structures and with existing resources. We aim for depth of impact within our core districts to demonstrate good practice that can be taken to scale. By documenting and sharing this evidence Link seeks to inform national policy.

The challenge:

Vital progress has been made in expanding access to education in sub-Saharan Africa and more children are now attending school than ever before. But the challenge remains: what do they learn when they get there? Across Africa, schools in rural areas struggle to provide quality education for their pupils and many leave school unable to read or write. Schools often lack the information and skills to plan for improvement. You can find out more about the variety of challenges schools face in our ‘Virtual School’.

The response:

We know that access to accurate information, used to good effect, empowers communities, schools and local government to improve education. Link has developed an innovative process which supports districts to collect, analyse, share and use information to improve the education which schools deliver. We call this process School Performance Review (SPR) . SPR ensures schools, districts and communities have access to accurate data about how their school is performing against common indicators of school success. School communities then use this data to create School Improvement Plans which meet each school's individual needs, and, critically, enable them to make best use of scarce school and district resources. Whilst the SPR process varies in each individual country, it is at the core of all Link’s school improvement work. It informs and directs all of the other activities being implemented.

OSCR Scottish Charity Registrar