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Link introduced School Performance Review and Community Study Groups to Rwanda in 2017 to support the government’s school improvement planning cycle. School Performance Review helps schools to collect and access data about their performance, to share this with school and community stakeholders, and to develop evidence-based plans for improvement. Our work is aligned with government policy and is delivered in partnership with Education Officers at district and national level. Community Study Clubs are modelled on our successful Family Literacy Project which ran in Malawi. These after-school groups use fun, participatory game-based exercises to raise literacy and numeracy, and are run by volunteers trained by Link. Learning materials are made out of locally available materials by community volunteers, ensuring local ownership, sustainability, cultural relevance, and gender sensitivity.

“Link’s holistic model of work is particularly interesting and relevant for Rwanda. Interventions should look at everything that is affecting learning and design models to remove all  barriers. Policy should then enshrine effective innovations so that everyone can take the correct action based on evidence.” (Eugene Rubeka, Director of School Management Unit, Rwanda Education Board)

Key Facts

Opened: 2017
Districts: Nyaruguru
Schools:  28
Focus: School Performance Review; school improvement planning; community study groups; community engagement; education quality improvement; social accountability; girls' education; language and literacy



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