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“Link Community Development has delivered a remarkable project that will raise standards and drive up the quality of education in Malawi. Better education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty in developing nations and their work improve the prospects for a generation” – Humza Yousaf (Former Scottish Minister for Europe and International Development) when speaking of Link in the Herald in May 2016.

''With Link you are always working within the Ministry. Other NGOs present reports with recommendations for scaling up and then leave. With Link scaling up and capacity-building is within the project. Community participation for supporting teaching and learning is enhanced. Tools and instruments are developed with Ministry to meet Ministry needs." - Director, Ministry of Education, Malawi

"Link's data collection system enables the ministry to make meaningful decisions to improve learning outcomes... we collect data, analyse and produce reports to show what's happening at school level and see how they need to improve" - Ministry Director, Ministry of Education, Malawi

"The Link project improved Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) results due to regular school-based support and guidance which transformed targeted primary teachers into strong literacy teachers. These improvements were not found in larger, national projects" - External Evaluator

"From Link's literacy teaching workshop, teachers learned how to help children learn to read and write. The biggest contributor to success is the follow-up. It encouraged the teachers to become committed because they knew someone is concerned about how they did their work and the quality of work they did." - Literacy Expert, Uganda

"Key elements of the (Uganda) project's success are the training of district officers and school management and the regular monitoring and inspection of schools based on a detailed (school performance review) format." - Policy and Operations Evaluation Department, Dutch Government, Impact Evaluation

"Link's holistic approach supports sustainability and improves social accountability. Link, which is one of the most successful projects in terms of improving learning outcomes for girls, simultaneously decreased gender disparity, developed an increased interest in science amongst girls and improved attendance" - Girls' Education Challenge Thematic Papers, September 2016, p.18.

“Link has created awareness about a female being a mother, daughter, nation and a wife; teaching a female is teaching a community and a female can achieve anything if given a chance.” - Betheseada, 14, Ethiopia

“We were not in the same position before the provision of tutorial lessons and counselling service rendered by Link. We used to quit learning if our teachers get angry with us for failing to give the right answers for their questions. We are now paying more attention to our studies ever since Link has to come to us with its special support. I learned that we could reach higher if we pursue our studies.” - Rahel, 12, Ethiopia

“I used to score poor grades in the past. Now, I am competing with male students since I attended tutorial classes provided by Link. I also used to miss class 3 and 4 days in a row during menstruation. These days, I never miss class for we have modes and rest rooms in school.” - Ufayse ,13, Ethiopia
“My parents are supporting me after they received awareness through community meetings administered by Link Community Development.” - Ufayse, 13, Ethiopia
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